How it Works

How our self service Dog wash works…

Experience the convenience and effectiveness of our automated dog wash today, where every minute is optimized to make your pet’s bath time a breeze. Your furry friend deserves the best, and we’re here to provide it.

Please note that we accept card payment and cash.

10 Simple Steps

  1. Open the door and guide your dog into the tub, creating a safe and comfortable space for them.
  2. Close the door securely and attach your dog’s collar to the provided chain, ensuring their safety throughout the wash.
  3. Choose your preferred shampoo from our selection. As you make your selection, your 10-minute timer will start, giving you ample time to scrub and wash your furry friend.
  4. Our water is wonderfully warm, and the shampoo and other products will be automatically dispensed through the water, ensuring an even distribution.
  5. Next, enjoy a refreshing rinse with fresh water to remove any remaining shampoo.
  6. Treat your pet’s coat to a luxurious conditioner, leaving their fur silky and soft.
  7. After the conditioner, a flea wash will be applied. No need to rinse it out, as this method helps the anti-flea properties last longer, ensuring your pet’s continued protection.
  8. To complete the wash, use the provided blow dryer to gently dry your dog’s coat, leaving them looking and feeling fabulous.
  9. Finally, open the door and carefully guide your dog out of the tub, ensuring their comfort and safety.
  10. We kindly ask that you use the complimentary 30 seconds of extra time to disinfect the tub for the next user, maintaining a clean and welcoming environment for all.