Self Service Dog Wash Machines

Self Service Dog Wash Locations Across Northern Ireland

Welcome to our world of wagging tails and pampered paws! We’re thrilled to introduce ourselves as passionate pet lovers dedicated to enhancing the lives of our furry companions.

How it works

Welcome to our self service automated dog wash experience, where convenience meets cleanliness! Starting at just £10, you’ll receive a generous 10 minutes of dedicated time to pamper your precious pup. Clean, condition and dry!

Why use an automated dog wash

Introducing the Perfect Dog Wash Experience: Unleash the Joy!

Imagine a world where washing your dog becomes an enjoyable adventure, without the messy cleanup and post-bath chaos. We’ve created a haven for pet parents like you, where every moment spent with your furry friend is pure bliss. Get ready for an unforgettable bonding experience that celebrates your love for your pet.